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Did you see warning signs, before the Las Vegas incident, that Billie was headed for a meltdown? When Billie showed up, it was, "You're not right. " I kept an eye on things, and it just went progressively downhill. It's like going out in your yard, firing up your weekend-warrior hot rod: "Well, it fires up." And you put it back in the garage. The biggest change right now is in our lives, especially for him. Be present, not just think about what's going on next week, next month. We all turned a blind eye to it – "Everyone, deal with your own shit." Because we were working so hard, since [2004's] There is so much stuff we have written and done, in between records, that hasn't even come out. Me and Billie – we don't play like 12-year-olds anymore. We were forced to stop, let the dust settle and reflect on everything in our lives, not just our accomplishments. How do you think that will affect the music you make next, the new songs Billie is sure to write? Armstrong also talks candidly about the state and future of his band, including the impact of his troubles on Green Day's recent triple-album gamble, for the piece, revealing his worry for his childhood friend and their first, serious conversation together after Armstrong emerged from rehab. But there are times when we're like, "Do we really need to climb another mountain, right in the middle of climbing this mountain? When you go back on tour, how do you expect the backstage action to change, to enable Billie to maintain his sobriety while still having fun? In these additional, exclusive excerpts, the bassist describes his memories of that day in Las Vegas, Green Days's first rehearsal with a new, healthy Armstrong and the manic ambitions and workload that nearly drove the entire band to the brink of sanity. "] I won't say "locked." But I didn't want to hang out in the hallway with everybody's entourage. It was a confined space with a lot of weird people around, people we didn't know wandering in and out [of the dressing room]. Can you tell that there is something different about Billie now?

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But I was watching my friend and going, "You're out of your fucking mind." And we were dealing with a shitshow. The world has laughed with us enough to know that they can laugh with us now, to somehow understand. Billie told me that right after Vegas, before he went into rehab, you read the riot act to him about his behavior and the effect it was having on others. Whatever the fuck is going on, that's not you, and it's gone so far down.

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Meet the school's most infamous group of [gay] punk boys.

A prostitute since the age of 17, Billie Joe has had this life for awhile.

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