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Then she styles it, and then I go over to makeup where Ronald Pipes tries very hard to cover a five o'clock shadow. When I first started on this show, I was in hair and makeup for just 15 minutes.You have to apply several different colors of makeup; it has to be covered really well. Do people still assume you have a real receding hairline?Bob might be a little more creepy, and I think there is a little bit more of a friendship with Ken … You make due with what you have to in those cities.

" She's very in demand, and she has a lot of other things going on, and we're very happy for her.Matt [Weiner] and the writers are so good that they kind of know what the character is going through and what's going to help facilitate and express his emotional journey best.I think that juxtaposition between Pete really wanting to start fresh and being optimistic and wanting to kind of make a new name for himself and conquer new frontiers, and Ted just being tired and over it -- I think it plays really well.I think Pete's one of those guys who needs someone to be against. I kind of go into it naively with my faith open and my heart ready to do whatever they decide is best for Pete. I have some really good friends, several of whom I met on this show, and if this is where I am in a year, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, but I could also see myself making a change.He can't just be like, "We're all just doing our thing." He needs there to be a competition. Ted shot Pete down when he asked him about starting their own business.

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