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A Florida sheriff took the unusual step of arresting two girls in connection with a bullying case that resulted in another 12 year old girl committing suicide.

Rebecca Sedwick jumped off the tower of an abandoned cement plant last month after she was repeatedly bullied.

Lawmakers have a responsibility to ensure that our schools are safe, which is why I have made addressing this problem a priority in the United States Senate.

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FULL POST A red-faced Gordon Ramsay gets nose-to-nose with an older man and shouts, "Wake up! In the last few years, awareness about bullying has increased dramatically.

Bullying for me was violent and, at times, terrifying. In the early days of making the film, it was about validating the experience for myself and for others who have experienced the humiliation and sadness of being a victim.

Now, the key question is how do we tap into the momentum the film has generated to create lasting, positive change?

One girl who was arrested is 14 years old, the other is just 12, and they are charged with aggravated stalking.

Anderson spoke with Rebecca's mother before today's developments.

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