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One person ticked that they’d like to be friends with me. Big Brother 6 was the sixth series of Big Brother in the UK, a reality television show on Channel 4, in which a number of contestants live an isolated existence in a purpose-built house who try to avoid being evicted by public vote, with the aim of winning a large cash prize at the end of the run.

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For example, I have been known to not take my coat off for an entire party.

The first time we met on shift, I thought we got on really well, and that we’d had a great laugh. Then I have a thought process that goes like this: Me: Why are you being so mean to X, Alice? Like a tiny, stupid child in a playground pulling your hair. The whole thing makes me feel like a massive creep. When I get nervous, my hands shake, so I had to sit on them to hide this fact.

Brazenly ignoring all of these robust reasons not to do it, I signed myself up for speed-dating. I was sitting right next to the toilet and when every single one of my dates sat down, they would say “ooooh, I really need the loo”.

Watson also revealed that he accomplished this by extensively utilising mirrors for an airier and cooler atmosphere. On Day 29, three other housemates entered the Secret Garden.

Makosi then had to choose two of them to enter the main House; she chose Orlaith and Eugene.

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