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(She did report and filmed that afternoon.) When she did show up, Clark Gable was very sweet to her. She waved to me and called me by name - which was very helpful for my brother to see.

No one was quite believing me that I had spent time with Marilyn Monroe that very morning.

Meet, as in shake hands and exchange pleasantries... Meet, as in sit down and have a meaningful conversation? We had tea and biscuits in my office, just him and me. He was kind and soft-spoken, elegant, very sweet to me. He'd often retire to the guest bedroom when the headaches overcame him.17 September 1964--Sacramento--I was 11, and ran from the crowd to shake LBJ's hand--I was so surprised by how friendly he was--the crowds that day were just overjoyed to see him, and when I burst through, I was the only one running up to see him in that open Caddy. If you saw him play an angel in that Michael movie, that was him in real life. High strung, neurotic, just being around her was exhausting. Very polite and nice when he interacted with me (I was his bartender several times during the filming of Blues Bros.). I would say - frustrating, frustrating for extra's and cast. I've written about how wonderful she was to me at length here previously.

His older son was considering going to college where I work. Jimmy Carter - polite, stiff, seemed insanely driven and smug, Jane Goodall - Had lunch with her. Insisted on having the water left in her water glass poured into a bottle so she could take it with her and not "waste it." Surrounded by staff who treated her like the Holy Mother. Richard Branson - Put on a show of being just a normal guy but sucked the air out of the room. I told him my parents met at the shoe warehouse he worked at. He loathed his brother, who I also knew (Dakin - ugh) but Dakin ended up having control when Tom died and dragged his body back to St. Hillary and Bill Clinton - Political gathering, so superficial. Funny and viciously sarcastic, and then he'd make his face look bland like he didn't say anything. He left the party with an acquaintance of mine who didn't know who he was. I remember it so clearly, as if it were yesterday--time stopped for a moment, he did his big grin, said he was happy to meet me too, and then time resumed, the motorcade moved on . The days I was there were all in the town of Dayton. So, for the three of them and their problems, it was the worst formula in the world. There was some laughter and light moments, especially with Monty. But, these 3 were at their best and their worst at totally different times of the day.

Previously: Billy Corgan Releases Eight-Hour Siddhartha Synth Jam in Unpurchasable 5 Box Set.Billy Corgan is parting with a truckload of guitars and gear he used to record and tour behind classic Smashing Pumpkins albums.Music gear marketplace Reverb will offer the equipment—guitars, basses, amps, pre-amps, drum machines, an autoharp, and more—in a private sale next month.At the time I was working for a company in Minneapolis - and somehow got invited to Paisley Park for the event. Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gabe, Monty Clift, Elizabeth Taylor. Saw a lot more up close and personal while we were on set. She was a sweetheart and chatted with me for quite awhile. Jerry shook my hand and excused himself to search for a cup of coffee.The only other time I got to go to his studios was for a release event for Donnie Osmond's "comeback" in the ate 80's. He is (or was) a lot more attractive in person than on camera. The one that blew me away was Grandma Walton aka Ellen Corby in front of me in the cafeteria line wirh a cigarette butt hanging out of her mouth. He later sat by his wife while she chatted with me.

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