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Swikee is a typical dish from Purwodadi Grobogan, in Central Java province.

There are also frog-legs fried in margarine and sweet soy sauce or tomato sauce, battered and deep fried, grilled, or frog eggs served in banana leaves (pepes telur kodok).

Movement of live or unfrozen, unskinned amphibians is a potential way for deadly amphibian diseases such as Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis and Ranavirus to be transported around the world, and despite recommendations on preventing disease spread from the OIE, which regulates the international spread of epizootic diseases, few countries have adopted these recommendations as law.

In Canada, the sale of fresh or frozen frog legs is illegal unless they are determined free from the bacteria of the genus Salmonella, as per the official method MFO-10, Microbial Examination of Froglegs.

Therefore, frog legs are not kosher, and are forbidden to observant Jews.

Frog meat is considered as haraam (non-halal) according to mainstream Islamic dietary laws.

The year 1953 saw the establishment of a new Zhejiang University of Technology (ZJUT) in Hangzhou , the picturesque historical and cultural city in China .

Widespread consumption of frog's legs is relatively recent, occurring within the last two hundred years.

In these ecosystems, American bullfrogs can decimate local amphibian populations, upset ecosystem balance and have negative impacts on other species of wildlife as well.

According to Jewish dietary laws all reptiles and amphibians are considered unclean animals.

The present university, as a comprehensive university among the top 100 universities in P. China, can offer not only engineering courses, but also a large range of disciplines like liberal arts, law, economics, commercial management, education and art, pharmaceutical science, etc. Learn More Reasons from BESSOUR OUSSAMA It was on during a meeting with a friend who studies there that i realised that Zhejiang University of Technology was the perfect choice for me.

Our topics of conversation ranged from Asian geography to new computer technologies, and i asked enthusiastically about what she was involved in on campus.

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