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But then there are other times where I think to myself, what is wrong with living a life that is so exciting? And truth be told, I'm even honest about my intentions with any woman that I spend more than one date with.

But perhaps worst of all are the women I do click with. Sometimes I even convince myself that I've finally changed and found a woman that I will give up my serial dating lifestyle for. I'm done with the compulsion to check my email ten times a day. The excitement of kissing someone new for the first time.

The epidemic of serial daters is a natural evolution to online dating. How could any single man or woman measure up to another person’s standards when there are several hundred more available singles just one click away.

Placing a single man or woman into a landscape of unlimited options is like unleashing a kid into a candy store without adult supervision. This is a world where women who are 4’11 refuse to engage with men who are anything less than six feet tall.

Years ago I would have killed to have even one option, let alone unlimited options. The time when I appreciated women for both their perfections and imperfections is long gone. Perhaps in a more rational world, all of society would have the fun I'm having, and married, monogamous people, would be considered the freaks.

Online dating gave me a medium to practice and harness my skills with women behind a computer screen that I never would have had elsewhere. How could I crave a girlfriend, when every time I go on a date, I know I have a minimum of twenty five messages waiting for me on my phone? In a world of unlimited options, there is no longer room for imperfection. While marriage is great for some people, I'm not sure marriage and kids can ever keep me from feeling as if I am coasting through a life of monotony, living exactly how society dictates I should be living.

To learn more about how Joshua Pompey can change your online dating life, including providing a free profile evaluation, men click here now, and women click here. Join the discussion by posting a comment below or tweeting #TEDWeekends.Every now and then a few would make it past the first month, but I’d always manage to find a superficial reason why they weren’t good enough.I was simply a man with an addiction, unable to resist the urge of dating as many women as I could fit into my schedule, no matter how great the most recent girl was.Amazing connections are consistently passed up on for hypothetical connections.Few daters are truly satisfied anymore in this always wanting more society.

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