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In addition, enamel paint is great to use on wooden surfaces due to its waterproof and rot proof resistant properties.

As a general rule of thumb, surfaces treated with enamel paint are more durable and are able to outlast any untreated surface.

Oil based paints are recognized by their distinguishable solvent odor properties and are easily cleaned using paint thinner or mineral spirits.

Additionally, quite a few manufacturers now add varnish to oil based paints.

Sidney Nolan is another artist who used enamel paints in his work.

One such piece that he created using enamel paint is “The Trial” dating back to 1947.

Pablo Picasso is one such artist who is known to have used a commercial paint by the name of “Ripolin” that is not even meant for use in artwork.Water based paints, which are also referred to as latex or acrylic paints, are much easier to work with.They have the benefits of ease and simplicity of use, quicker drying times, easily cleaned using water alone and have a much weaker odor.Furthermore, many enamel paints offer the attractive feature of mildew resistance for surfaces.Other places in the home where enamel paint is commonly used include appliances, countertops and painted furniture.

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