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****** Sometimes it’s the little things that matter. After getting some static from Kirby Holden, who runs a website known as plattecountyr3and also perhaps from one of the newest board members, the Platte County R-3 School District has quietly taken steps to make it easier for patrons to contact your elected school board members.Suddenly email addresses for school board members are on the district’s web site next to the school members bios.“LC’s is just going to have to make sure they can keep up with the demand that will be coming.

I’ve got to think Chrisman, who by the way seems like a great guy with a good disposition and engaging sense of humor, enjoys the spot he’s in.

Chrisman is one of my favorite local characters to speak with--in fact he would make a great guest on our Landmark Live show--so this is not anything to be interpreted as negative toward him.

Chrisman seems to really enjoy what appears from this chair to be a low-stress job.

Things like somebody driving their car down a boat ramp into the Missouri River. Somebody driving a golf cart with reckless abandon.

A stubborn motorist not wanting to pull into the appropriate parking spot at one of the city’s family-friendly festivals.

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