Oblivion dating system

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Probably quite intentionally, there are two distinct, contrasting versions of Cyrodiil that are tangled together - the postcard version where the nobles live, and the depraved cesspool of iniquity occupied by everyone else, which the nobles like to piss into when nobody's looking.

When taken as a satire of, well, any society you can think of, Oblivion's genius fills infinite dimensions.

Widely seen as the 2006 Game of the Year, it was the first RPG to really Make It Big on consoles.

It was sprawling, epic and atmospheric - Jeremy Soule’s twinkling score still accompanies me for many a writing session.

It is to its genre as Halo and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare are to the first-person shooters that followed them: owed an incalculable debt and still setting the standard over a decade later.

But aside from all that shite about its legacy, it is simply a fantastic game.

okay, not Oblivion gates, but still, we’ve had some eye-wateringly great times together.

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Of all the Elder Scrolls games, my fondest memories are with Oblivion - watching the sun set over the glimmering sea in sleepy Anvil, slumming it with the skooma-heads in Bravil, that Dark Brotherhood quest, Oblivion gates…

But Oblivion isn't just a murder simulator (although it is a very good murder simulator, murder fans) and despite appearances it isn't a poundland Lord of the Rings either - although many have dismissed it as such.

One only needs to scratch lightly at Oblivion's Tolkienesque veneer to reveal a gleefully dark, macabre comedy of a world which is as comfortable invoking Lovecraft as it is making referential gags about Under Siege.

It's a great package, accessible to a fault, eminently playable in either bite-sized chunks or substantial multi-hour portions, and surely so much further back in our memories than Skyrim that it is in more urgent need of a redux than a game which is barely six years old and on its third major re-release in twelve months.

It also runs better on low-power devices, on account of its age.

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