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SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention overcomes deficiencies in the prior art by providing a password or "PIN"-based system for managing delivery of privileged or "enhanced"information, which utilizes "third-pai-ty" authorization.

This concept may be used in conjunction with parcel delivery information but is also contemplated for use in other areas such as credit card information, personal records, etc.

At the time of filing of this application, UPS was delivering approximately 12.9 million packages and documents a day for 1.8 million regular customers and averages more than two million on-line tracking requests per day on its Web site.

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The Second Party then forwards the PIN request to the Third Party along with the First Party's basic registration information.

Using state-of-the-art communications technology, On-Call Air dispatchers locate the nearest package car and electronically dispatch it to the customer location for "just in time" pickup.

Occasional customers can drop off their packages at conveniently located UPS letter centers and seivice counters.

Packages bound for a specific geographical region are all consolidated on the same conveyor belt.

Then packages are routed to either an out-bound trailer for local delivery, or to a delivery truck serving the immediate area.

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