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This can limit your options for using cheap international cell phone & data service overseas.One option is to buy a separate cheap unlocked international phone to use specifically when you’re traveling.Another option is to call AT&T or Verizon and ask them what steps you need to take to your phone, which may require paying a fee.Once your phone is unlocked, you can use sim cards & data plans from other companies when you’re traveling. Data speeds are often throttled after a certain amount has been used, or coverage is sparse.

A working cell phone allows me to call locals for meetups, get directions, or ask for recommendations.It’s wise to call your provider to make sure the phone will even work at your planned destination, and confirm how much their international plans cost if not included in your regular service.If you are from the United States, your smartphone might be “locked” to AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon (preventing you from using other service providers).If you have a cell phone plan with a major carrier in the US, you can usually continue to use your phone while traveling overseas. While this is extremely convenient, it can be ASTRONOMICALLY expensive.These companies (Verizon, AT&T) charge ridiculously high fees for international roaming, and you can easily return home to a phone bill that costs more than your whole vacation did!

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