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So I listened to in fits and starts and it took me approximately four months to get through. I have found that the reader of an audio book can make or break the experience; Molly Ringwald does a fabulous job with this book, switching voices of the characters, adopting subtle accents – really great.

My toe is healed now, in case you’re worried, so this morning I walked for the first time in a long time, and I got through three chapters of my next audio book. is a portrait of a Jewish family in contemporary Chicago.

), introduced us to the cast of characters who would populate all three books: the author’s fellow nurse/midwives as well as the Anglican nuns at the convent out of which they worked.

Well, then I broke my toe a few weeks ago and that plan was foiled, or at least put off.As the story progresses, Edie gets bigger and bigger, eating herself diabetic to the point of requiring stents in both legs and with a bypass on the horizon – and still she can’t (or won’t) stop eating.Her husband of nearly forty years, suffocating under the weight of Edie’s addiction, ups and leaves her, shocking the entire family. Lines are drawn in the sand, and everyone takes a side – mostly Edie’s side, since she’s clearly Matthew Dicks This story introduces us to a parallel world inhabited by imaginary friends whose existence depends upon their “imaginer friends” believing in them.Narrated by Budo, imaginary friend to Max, an eight-year old boy who “lives mostly on the inside.” Max is different from most of his peers, and because of this, he is often misunderstood and often bullied.

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