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Because I don't even really know him, but obviously it's, like, a bit uncomfortable and embarrassing because you are with them all by yourself in the room. He’s now looking to share his adventure with a lovely young lady. They are almost exactly alike, except for The Gentleman thinks about things just a little deeper.

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Once set up, they look through the universe of women.The Gentleman also has experience in this realm • Education – Joe picks all of the above, and The Gentleman specifies college but no more.Rather than engage in the tedium of sending messages, hoping for a reply, fishing for common interests, to get that first meeting, both are wise enough to let a service do most of the work. For most guys, these are the sort of things that the want to know upfront if they’re even considering a long term match. Sandhya: We fight over the silliest things possible and then after we've screamed, we think that it was so silly. Back home, the girl has to keep quiet and let her husband dictate everything. Are there things you wish you would have had an opportunity to hash out before you got married? So probably I have known him from my previous life or something. We would love to travel, advance our careers, support each other, and still discover each other every day. Ankur: I think marriage is a partnership — an equal partnership. And I always think that more than 50 percent of marriages end up nowhere, even though most of them are after long-term dating. What's been your biggest fight since you got married? Sandhya: It's weird — we're on the same page about these big decisions without even discussing them. Sandhya: It's folklore back home [that] when you get married, you walk around fire seven times, seven rotations, and it's said you're going to be married for seven lifetimes. What are you guys most looking forward to in your marriage? Ankur: All we want to do currently at this state of life is have fun and travel around before we have kids as much as possible.

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