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And its Financial Policy Committee (FPC) hinted that an emergency measure which freed up lenders' cash after the referendum could be reversed.

Labour MP John Mann, a member of the Treasury Select Committee, said: 'I'm pleased that at last the Bank of England is taking the issue of unsecured credit card debt seriously.'It's something that the Government seems unwilling to properly recognise, but the amount we spend on debt interest each year is rising and this is a serious issue that the Bank needs to get to grips with.'As lenders fight for business in an era of ultra-low interest rates, competition for credit card customers has become increasingly fierce.

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A source said: ‘They are very clever criminals who have made vast sums of money out of card crime in the UK, but who are difficult to pin down.’ Gang members working for the crime barons will typically crowd customers withdrawing cash to read their four-digit PIN, then distract them to steal the card.

In some cases they install a simple metal sleeve in the slot which means the card is not returned to the user.

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Police hope that the new unit will disrupt major organised criminal networks including the fraud gangs originating from Bacau.

With the introduction of enhanced security features, such as Chip & PIN, criminals have resorted to deception thefts.

Asked to comment on reports that Romanian criminals are responsible for more than 90 per cent of ATM thefts, he said: ‘That figure relates to police intelligence from 2010, however the Dedicated Cheque and Plastic Crime Unit remains focussed on the involvement of Romanian criminal gangs in ATM crime, amongst other threats to the payment industry from organised crime.’ The latest annual figures show that, in 2012, the top five countries for fraudulent activity on UK issued cards were USA (£23.4m), France (£7.9m), Luxembourg (£6.9m), Italy (£5.4m) and Ireland (£5.2m).

But they charge a hefty interest rate of 18.9 per cent after that – and campaigners have warned this long period of guilt-free shopping only encourages buyers to spend even further beyond their means.

Step Change Debt Charity was contacted by a record 600,000 people seeking help in 2016.

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