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When most people think about innovation, they think of companies like Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Google because those companies appear to have some kind of magic that other organizations lack.

If your company wants to make lightning strike repeatedly, consider these points.

So if you’re just here to find out “Who’s the best? We’ve asked around, we’ve searched, we looked, reviewed, and studied: we have our top 10.

When Google started launching more and more web products I was super-excited as I saw myself using almost all of them.Here at Smart Blogger, we receive 50-100 new email subscribers per day exclusively through word-of-mouth. It’s a snowball of traffic that just keeps getting bigger and bigger. While that’s certainly appreciated, one forward usually exposes you to just one person, where one share on Facebook or Twitter exposes you to hundreds or thousands. Where your newsletter might get forwarded to a dozen people, the same article on a blog could reach hundreds of new readers. People recognize mass emails for what they are, and unless you train them to respond to you, you’ll hardly ever hear from anyone, not because they have nothing to say, but because they realize it’s not a conversation. We just blindly copy what the “authorities” are doing without having any idea what the results are. Put the two together, and you’ve got the biggest can of whoop ass in the history of publishing. About the Author: Jon Morrow has asked repeatedly to be called “His Royal Awesomeness,” but no one listens to him. That’s why I tell you guys so much about the results we get here at Smart Blogger. In today's technology-driven world, "innovation" has become a basic expectation.IT leaders are tasked with making technical magic, improving customer experience, and boosting the bottom line -- yet often without any increase to the IT budget.

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