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written by a friend Cosmin Getting a date in Hungary for dummies…Hungary has become in recent years one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Europe.They are often characterized by opposite traits: elegant, but also negligent; classy, but also modern; frivolous, but also slutty.

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As you know, I am living in Budapest for nearly 4 years, and I am a very good observer.It would also be good if you would make the effort of learning a few words in the local language (I’ve just mentioned one for you – The ideal meeting places for girls are of course nightclubs and bars, but also parks (Budapest has plenty of them and people like to go for long picnics in the summer time there).As opposed to Bucharest, the Hungarian capital does not have an area where all the bars and clubs are concentrated.Gábor said that he gets bored that’s why he is here (maybe he should go for running?), Sandor replied, he would like to increase his chances and Attila answered that it is another opportunity to meet somebody, I thought seriously?? There are hundreds of girls out there looking for their soul mates, and you are wasting your time here, as you want to increase your chances?

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