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Even with the widespread critical embrace of poptimism — a development I suspect has as much to do with the economics of online media as it does with the shifting winds of taste — there are still those who see Swift as just another industry widget, a Miley or Katy with the tuner set to “girl with a guitar.” If this list does anything, I hope it convinces you that, underneath all the thinkpieces, exes, and feuds, she is one of our era’s great singer-songwriters.

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She’s been feminism’s worst nightmare, and an advocate for victims of sexual assault. (For , she embraced feminism and threw away the last vestiges of her Nashville sound, but those were basically just aesthetic changes.) If the word on her has shifted since her debut, it’s because we’ve changed, not her.Lightbody does confess to one addiction – ginger and honey tea. Hot honey and ginger is the best thing for anybody with a sore throat." A dressing room table is spread with teas and a brimming fruit bowl.The buckets full of bottles of wine and beer are waiting for after the show.In the end there's only two things – music and friendship. Generally we lark about all day and make each other laugh, find things on You Tube and read stuff." While the other band members leave their wives or girlfriends behind when they go on tour, Lightbody is free and single."I've been waiting to go back out on tour for ages.

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