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9) AMBULANCE SERVICE: For 24 hour regular Ambulance Service please call 9321996814 & for Cardiac Ambulance call 9321996858 / 9321996840.: To educate patients about their rights and responsibilities the hospital displays Patient Rights in every patient care area in the hospital including the waiting area near the main reception of the hospital. At Bhaktivedanta Hospital all patients and their family members have the right to the following: Bed charges are payable as per the tariff structure is given below.Nursing staff in the ward will help to obtain the same. 5) We request the relative of the patients, strictly not to sleep on the bed of their admitted patient or on any vacant bed in the ward.Kindly note that the patient will be charged in case his/her relative occupies any vacant bed.

This refund will be provided between 3.00pm to 5.00pm for admitted patients.

It has initiated various services like the Green Paper forum (aimed at making Mira Road area better through collective participation) as well as many free medical camps.

At the time of transfer from ICU to the ward, patient need to clear the whole bill before the transfer and also need to pay the deposit for the ward he is being transferred.

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