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For a fee, users can also call mobile and landline telephones.In recent times, Skype, which is popular with all ages, has become very important for families who have relatives abroad due to its easy-to-use face-to-face interface and even tv news stations have begun using it to interview people in war zones.People sign-up to the service and make contacts through email contacts lists.You can only chat with people who you have made a connection with.Cyberbullying can also be played out on the service.Webwise recommends that you examine the possibility of Skypito, a safe Internet chatting solution for kids. MSN Messenger, now known as Microsoft Live Messenger, is an instant chat service.

However, there are some risks with the service when it comes to young people.Again, users can anonymously use the site and are not required to give any details.Chat Roulette is also a dangerous site for children. Much of the content is of a sexual nature and not suitable for young Voo is a free video chat and instant messaging app for mobiles, tablets, computers and MACs.Skype does allow people who are not on your contacts lists to call you which means that anyone, once they have the contact details, can get in touch with a young person using the site.This is the default setting but can be changed in Skype’s options tab.

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