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After I signed up for a free account, they kept sending me messages saying that specific women were interested in me.Each woman had a picture that was blurred out, but several of them appeared reasonably attractive at a guess.Their latest excuse for rejecting the refund is that I had already used their service and had read/sent a large number of messages.These messages were all read/sent within that first hour, all to women who had first indicated interest in me, and almost all to let them know (nicely) that I did not return their interest.I had googled Academic Singles extensively before signing up and had not seen any evidence that they are scammers.To put it simply, there is no way an uninformed person could know that this particular website engages in deception of this sort.Despite sending emails to terminate my account and automated renewal for premium membership way before the renewal deadline, the customer support still indicated that they would charge for the next 6 month period indicating that they need 14 days to process cancellation, while on the website it indicates 48 hours or 2 days to process cancellation.I was recently (2016) scammed by "Academic Singles".

I’m more sensitive now and I want to draw closer to family. as a city and I can actually see myself living here long term, but socially it’s been really bad. I tried dating academics, but I found those kinds of relationships were too intense.

Five years passed between then and my decision to pursue the Ph. I was living in Harlem and although I wasn’t in any serious relationship, I always had a pretty decent social life and opportunities to date men of different walks of life—from professional types to those who were interested in other things. D., I applied mostly to schools where I felt that I could see myself living.

I was able to treat school like a job and still have a life outside of academia. It just so happened that one of my professors suggested that I apply to Princeton.

I then contacted Academic Singles about a refund and stopped using the service.

After several emails, it was abundantly clear that they had no intention of processing any such refund. "Rather than have a blank space in your profile, the use of a placeholder template photo to fill the space where your profile picture should be has a proven positive effect." In other words, they are blatantly and quite smugly deceiving us.

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