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The NOS Blues Junior is a current production, lacquered tweed amp with a Jensen reissue C12N speaker. There’s nothing limited about the edition; they built a bunch and when they ran out, they built another bunch.Other Variants The Blues Junior chassis has also been used in the Two-Tone, a large amp with a 10-inch and a 12-inch speaker.Owners could easily learn the basic operations of adding and changing content on their websites. Did I miss any benefits of Word Press blog sites over traditional websites?Let me know and please contribute to this important post.” The boat certainly doesn’t weigh much- Folbot advertises it as weighing 31.5 lbs- but the frame isn’t anywhere as complicated as it appears.What looked like a great many bundles of tubing was in fact just a handful of shock corded assemblies.Now, Word Press is the content management system all websites and blogs are compared to.Before we get into the meat of the actual reasons why we feel Word Press is so great, let’s clear up another myth while we’re at it: A blog is a website…a website is a blog. Blogs just have a few more cylinders under the hood, if I was to use a metaphor.

The C12N doesn’t sound much like vintage Jensens, and it can be shrill-sounding. Some people prefer the Special Design and don’t consider it an improvement.In fact, I wrote a blog post that suggested your Word Press website is the very heart of ALL of your Internet marketing efforts.I don’t know why the power of Word Press is still being so under-rated after all these years, because I believe this beloved software was responsible for business owners no longer being held hostage to their designers and virtual assistants. There are just so many reasons why Word Press is a great fit for practically every situation. Because Word Press is much different than when this post was originally posted in 2009.Back then, Word Press had a bit of a bad rap by being thought of only as “blog” software.

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