Dating bruises in the elderly

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The affected skin lesion is flat and do not blanch when pressed upon.Easy bruising is not always a matter for concern and will go away on their own, women are more prone to bruising than men, it is also common among the elderly.Possible causes for abnormal bleeding under the skin include: Medical treatment for bleeding under the skin should always address to the underlying cause, as well as prevent or stop for further bleeding.

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The tongue is dark-purplish or has purple spots on it, there may also have varicose veins under it, and the pulse is hesitant.

The remedy should aim to nourish yin, subdue virtual fire, cool blood and arrest bleeding.

Sample prescription: Rehmannia Pill Plus Anemarrhena and Corktree Bark plus India madder rhizome, oriental arborvitae leafy-twig and arnebia root Blood stasis obstruction Purple-colored spots and patches on the skin that occurs gradually and in recurrent episodes, individuals may also have nosebleeds, bloody stool, and menstrual flow with clots.

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