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Obviously, You Tube works with just about every device out there, and your account syncs effortlessly, making purchases available across multiple platforms.Movie studios offering content include Warner Brothers, Sony, and Universal Pictures.One thing that Hulu has that no other service can boast is current episodes of TV shows now airing, typically a day after they’re broadcast.Like Netflix, Hulu has also started investing in original content, but none of their shows have the “must-watch” cachet of something like .We’ve already covered You Tube in this rundown, but the Google Play store is an entirely different beast.It has adopted the i Tunes model of offering a solid selection of newly-released movies and TV shows, along with a sizable backlog.But there are more than a few scrappy upstarts in the video business, and these Netflix alternatives distinguish themselves in some interesting ways.

Much of Hulu’s content can be watched free on your computer, but you’ll need a paid account to stream to consoles or other devices, which runs .99 per month.At this point, “Netflix” is starting to seem like a general word for “streaming video.” They’ve secured the top spot in the industry with a solid mix of TV, movies and original content at a fair price.Just about any device with a screen and an Internet connection supports it, too.Annoyingly, paying that money doesn’t remove commercials from shows, and there’s no way to do so for now.After the introduction of the Kindle Fire, Amazon went into the streaming media business in a big way.

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