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Simply put, God created sex to be pleasurable, that's why our bodies desire it and all the sensations that come with it.But sex was created to be enjoyed only in the context of marriage between a husband and wife.In a world such as we live in the best advice is keep it sacred and PUBLIC.I think after walking a girl to her door and then kissing her closed mouth on the cheek when saying good night is okay, but then also not kissing is equally ok.Review your American history, beds in colonial America had previsions for bundling boards so there could be intimacy with out intercourse during courtship the, Amish still practice the costom.Do an Internet search on (((Bundling) AND Colonial) AND America) No, and I want you to know why.Anyone out there who has ever just kissed knows what Kissing leads to. SOME Christians have better control overthemselves than others. They normally require a little more than a kiss to become excited. Lewis pointed out, there may be times when a husband needs to encourage his sexual instinct and desire.** Jack, where is this in scripture? Much more important is the respect and knowledge of whether the potential mate is a God-fearing person.."Do not be unequally yoked". I think if a couple is courting, sexual desire is already there.

If a anyone claims they need a kiss to stay around let em go or buy em a dog. You can't steal the bacon if your hands not in the frying pan! If you Kiss a young lady while dating, (I believe dating is wrong also but beside the point) remember that you may not marry this girl. But another part of being human is controlling sexual and other desires. Lewis pointed out, there may be times when a husband needs to encourage his sexual instinct and desire.Sexual desire is something God put there, and is not sinful in itself. There is nothing what wrong with kissing while dating.It creates a physical bond that clouds our judgment.There's quite enough emotion in spending time with one who lights your fire, very meaningful and precious.

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