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Examples include "Time" and "Don't Let It Show." That mysterious enveloping attraction is present in these songs, too. Every time I hear it on XM or the radio, I have to listen all the way through.I have heard it 10,000 times, but I have to listen all the way.I'm sure there are others here who also didn't know it. Kind of cryptic that such an upbeat, and melodic song like "Year of the Cat" evolved from such a dark situation. You evolve and share the evolution with the world good or bad. This song became one of our songs as when we heard it we would reminisce back to when we met. The incredible beauty of the instrumentals and lyrics as well as an intuitive sense that this song gave me the my very first introduction to grief and sadness, the type of grief that runs through every inch of your soul and is a part of you until you take your very last breath.

I first heard of Al Stewart in 1976 or 7 when my Vietnamese girl friend gave me the Year of he Cat album.

I am 3 times her age but I will take care of her and her child.

This song has always been unique among all songs I've ever heard - the combination of the very different musical effects with the storyline has captivated me from the first time I ever heard it.

There are other songs that I like, but that I have heard a lot as well, and I often change the station. I was born in 1977 but I grew up listening to my dad's LPs and this song was always my favorite.

It is a masterpiece that is sadly never played on the radio but that's part of its beauty I guess, that you know and love a hidden gem.

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