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As a population, Filipino Americans are multilingual, with Tagalog being the largest non-English language being spoken.

A majority of Filipino Americans are Christian, with smaller populations having other religious views. Census Bureau reported that the 2007 American Community Survey, identified approximately 3.1 million persons as "Filipino alone or in any combination." The census also found that about 80 percent of the Filipino American community are United States citizens. There are no official records of Filipinos who hold dual citizenship; however, during the 2000 Census data indicated that Filipino Americans had the lowest percentage of non-citizens amongst Asian Americans, at 26 percent.

We service participants representing a wide variety of ethnic and minority groups including Hispanic, Filipino, Asian, African-Americans and Caucasians.

Our program emphasizes a partnership between the patient, family, physician and community in working towards maintaining personal independence and an enjoyable way of life.

On average, Filipino Americans earn a higher average household income than the national average, and achieve a higher level of education than the national average. Life expectancy for Filipino Americans is higher than the general population of the United States; however, survival rates of Filipino Americans diagnosed with cancer are lower than European Americans and African Americans. Among Asian Americans, Filipino Americans are the most integrated in the American society, who are described by University of California, Santa Barbara Professor Pei-te Lien as being "acculturated and economically incorporated".

as of 2011, there are 1,813,597 Philippines-born immigrants living in the United States, who are 4.5 percent of all immigrants in the United States, of which 65 percent have become naturalized U. Statistically, Filipino American women are more likely to marry outside of their ethnicity (38.9 percent) than Filipino American men (17.6 percent); other Asian American populations have lower rates of marrying outside of their race than both Filipino American men and women.

Our participants and staff thoroughly enjoyed your presence and can't wait until the next visit.

Thank you for your dedication, hard work, and for keeping our city safe. Oxnard PD visit On May 27, 2014, Among Friends ADHC welcomed members of the Oxnard Police Dept.

After World War II, and until 1965, migration of Filipinos to the United States was reduced limited to primarily military and medical connected immigration.

Among Friends ADHC celebrated another visit from the Oxnard PD on 3/23/16.

A special thank you to Senior Officer Sullivan for coordinating this event and to all the officers for attending and taking time from your busy schedules to visit our participants.

We offer a secure, stimulating, structured, and social experience to our patients; and respite relief for the caregivers.

We are licensed by the California Department of Health Care Services and certified as a Medi-Cal provider by the California Department of Aging.

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