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The thickness of this slab is about 10 inches, the under or back side is very roughly hewn, but its upper surface has been very carefully smoothed. There are also several smaller cup-marks, some not so deep or so distinct as the others. At first sight, this stone appeared to be circular, but on accurate measurement, it proved to be (allowing for a portion which has been broken off) four feet in diameter one way, and four feet four inches the other. Four of these depressions are of considerable size, being at least three inches in diameter and two inches in depth, and remarkably well defined. At Sahour, 5 miles east of Bhagulpur, in an alluvial soil 12 miles from nearest rock formations, are found immense quantities of beads and stones. The soil is thus covered with them and the roads, too, have their quota. These remains have not as yet been properly excavated or examined by experts, and it is therefore impossible at present to give any complete description of them. Some interesting and most curious relics of a past age in Kashmir, belonging probably to some of the earlier civilized races inhabiting that country, have recently been discovered in a valley between two spurs of a mountain rising up from the East end of the Bal or city lake, and situated four or five miles from Sirinagar. On closer examination, one of these proved to have formerly been a Muhammadan Ziarat. Early in November 1894, shortly before quitting Kashmir after this our fourth visit, I was attracted to the remains of certain old buildings about a mile distant from the European quarter of Sirlnagar. The paper will be published in the Journal, Part I. It contains more than one native dwelling place, the occupants of which appeared to belong to a class superior to that of the ordinary cultivator. The whole enclosure is however, much larger than the jfirst named.

Nordiske Oldskrift-Selskab, — Aarboger, II Raekke, IX Bind, Heft 2.

The following members were present : — Surgeon-Major-General A.

Griesbach, Esq., Babu parat Candra Lahiri, Kumar Rame9var Malia, J.

Societe de Geographie, — Compte Rendu de Seance, No.

Societe Philomathique de Paris, — Comptes Rendus Sommaire de la Seances, Nos.

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